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​- med Limfjorden i baggrunden


Shop and Winebar - open 11-17
Restaurant - Lunch served 12-16
Barbaq nights Saturdays 18.30

No entry fee for walks round the grounds during opening hours.

Glenholm Vineyard in short

  • Established in 1993 by Brita & Hans J Madsen – in the very early days of Danish wine growing - after having returned from the UK (4 years of recidence in Essex).
  • A family business from 2005 – son, daughter and son in law join.
  • Licensed to produce wine on a commercial basis in 2006.
  • Expansion of winery in 2009 – supported by an EU grant. Annual production approx. 7000 bottles, across a range of white-, red-, sparklinig- and dessert wines.
  • 2012 Restaurant added.
  • 2014 Bed & Breakfast added
  • 2014 Another ½ hectare added - now a total of 3 hectares

This Danish Vineyard in the Northern region of Denmark, is situated by Limfjord; a beautiful fjord that cuts right through Nordjylland from
the Baltic to the North Sea.

This position near the water provides us with a frost free season, from the budding in May till after harvest in October. The soil at Glenholm is clay richly mixed with lime, sand and gravel, which contributes to the unique flavours of the Glenholm wines. The microclimate around the vineyard is created by windbreaks, in order to achieve temperatures for perfect ripeness in our grapes. 

These conditions given by nature, coupled with our efforts and experience result in a crisp wine rich on flavours and fruit; which critics have called quite exceptional.

Visits - and Guided tours

Wine lovers from all over the world have visited Glenholm Vineyards over the years to taste and buy our wines. We are open to the public all summer and we welcome anyone who just wants to come and have a look and enjoy
the atmosphere free of charge.

In the months of July and August You can join a 45 minute guided tour (in Danish and English) at a price of 50 kroner, every Saturday and Sunday at 11 o'clock

Booking: Phone +45 98 67 69 66 or

Danish wine is a relatively new industry, but we can recommend a visit. Lots of light is required to produce good grapes and as we are the country of the light summer nights, these ideal conditions are reflected in
Danish wines.

Our website in general is only in the Danish language at this stage, but you are welcome to direct any questions you may have via an e-mail.

You can order wine by contacting us.

For trade inquiries please contact the undersigned.

We look forward to seeing you
Hans J Madsen


​Fjordlystvej 21,​​ 9681 Ranum​​

​Telefon: 98 67 69 66